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GSH Online Media’s principal operations span across two key sectors: Sports Betting and iGaming. The company oversees a collection of distinguished brands, placing a significant focus on Sports and iGaming within regulated markets. Our strategy is centered on seizing new growth opportunities and enhancing our future influence in the industry.

The Business Architecture

As an affiliate, our revenue model hinges on crafting engaging content that captivates and retains a dedicated audience, thereby attracting premium operators and advertisers.

We cultivate high-quality brands that foster trust and loyalty, extending these values to our reputable operators and advertisers, enhancing the user experience and driving revenue.

Our portfolio is strategically comprised of a mix of Owned and Operated (O&O) brands alongside Media Partnership Businesses (MPBs).

Our O&O brands deliver top-tier news, insights, and entertainment through our internal experts, driving audience engagement, loyalty, and proactive engagement. Meanwhile, our Media Partners — leading entities in sports media and news publication known for their strong brand equity, credibility, and authority — gain from our compelling narratives, industry acumen, and operator connections. This synergy broadens our geographical reach, bolsters advertiser appeal, and opens up new revenue avenues.

The primary sources of the company’s revenue are CPA and a blend of hybrid/revenue-sharing models in Europe and in the USA. With the expansion of GSH Media’s audience base, we leverage additional revenue streams such as display advertising (CPM) and sponsorships, maximizing our financial potential.

O&O Brands and Media Partners draw in audiences with diverse needs and interests directly to their platforms, as well as through search engines and products

Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple Revenue Streams facilitate revenue generation from a highly engaged audience on a large scale.

    • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) refers to a single, initial payment made for a referred user who either registers a new profile or deposits funds with an operator.
    • Revenue Share. The Revenue Share Model involves earning a percentage of the net revenue generated by a user’s activity with the operator.
    • Hybrid Deal. A Hybrid Revenue Model that incorporates an initial Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) payment along with a sustained share of revenue over time.
    • Fixed Deal. An arrangement where an operator brand obtains a designated spot on a website or page for a specified duration of tenancy.
    • Other Revenue

Our Scale Accelerator

Utilizing our deep insights into the modern consumer’s journey, GSH Online Media expertly crafts value for both our audiences and advertisers within a fiercely competitive market.

We engage dedicated communities, such as sports enthusiasts, by delivering content finely tuned to their specific interests. This is achieved through the strategic application of data science and niche expertise, allowing us to tap into consumer motivations effectively.

By crafting compelling narratives, optimizing for search engines and news platforms, and offering highly relevant advertising, we align the perfect story with the ideal audience, accompanied by the most suitable promotion at just the right moment.


Our approach is designed to cultivate brand loyalty and secure reliable revenue channels, ensuring we meet our goal of connecting the appropriate message with the right individual, bolstered by targeted promotions at the peak time for engagement.


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